Colin Gaudet


Colin is best known for his work as a Photographer and Retoucher.

Spending his formative years on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, Colin eventually moved to Toronto to pursue his true passion. His uncanny ability to see the quirkiness and diversity within his surroundings combined with his eye for capturing the warmth of his subjects echoes throughout his body of work - both in commercial and artistic portfolios.

This period, post photographic studies at Algonquin College, lead to Colin assisting creators from different aspects of the industry from creative directors, multimedia artists, photographers and producers. Seeing the art of photography from many different angles has given Colin a unique approach to the art of photography.

Colin salutes creative director Kyra Griffin, artist Samantha Louise Emery, and budding brands Luxy, Nudestix, and Knix for their significant roles in his path to success.

Observing everything quirky and diverse within his surroundings is what Colin loves. His eye for capturing the warmth of the inner soul echoes throughout his body of work, both in commercial and artistic portfolios.

Having a distinct emphasis on showing individuality, diversity, inclusivity and the calm essence of one’s soul are key elements that drive his work forward. The candid energy that he captures in stressful studio environments is a testament to his openness and empathic nature.

Realism is another pillar that is important to Colin; mastering the art of skin and hair retouching.

Curiosity and passion for telling inspiring individuals’ stories lead him to be apart of the newly released multimedia art series IKONA | Wise Women by British Canadian artist Samantha Louise Emery. As a creative duo, they aim to release her third IKONA series as a photographer and artist collaborative.